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How to find your Facebook ads manager

A short, sweet and very handy video tutorial to find out how to find the ads manager for your business page.

7 Steps to a Solid Social Media Strategy

A seven step guide to creating your social media strategy so you can be super clear about what you’re doing and why.

Capitalism vs the Climate

This book is a beautifully articulated, incredibly well-documented, slap in the face wake-up call about climate change.

Eat the Ant

Anteater is a social enterprise taking it upon themselves to be part of the solution by introducing, normalising and distributing a new, sustainable source of protein.

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Banking on the future

Imagine a world where you had full democratic power over what happened with your money. Where you totally trusted your bank like they were your bff…

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Small changes, big impacts

One of the things I find about this whole we-are-killing-the-planet thing is that, for most people, it just seems too hard to change. It feels like you are only one person and it won’t make any difference, but that’s part of the problem – our helplessness leads to inertia, leads to nothing changing.

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Screw you, Palm Oil

There’s probably not too much of a need for me to go into detail about why this is bad. Global warming. Species extinction. Child labour. Not to mention it’s actually pretty bad for you. It’s outrageous.

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There’s rubbish in my soup

It turns out the Indonesian government doesn’t have any processes in place for waste collection or disposal in Kuta, I am told by locals this is because the town is small and somewhat remote. So Yuli, a lovely local woman who runs a beautiful guesthouse, decided something had to be done and started the South Lombok Community Association (SCLA).

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YES – training tomorrow’s leaders

The concept of the Young Enterprise Scheme is brilliant: they run a program in high schools to teach school kids the concept of, merits and inner workings and processes of starting a company.

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Giving a crap

Who Gives a Crap is Saving the world one roll at a time and Shebeen is changing things for the better through beer and wine

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