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Social Media health check

Sometimes you just need someone to come in with a fresh pair of eyes, shake things up a bit and leave you to it. A health check will give you clearer direction, best practice advice and some new ideas to bump up your social media efforts to the next level. 

If you’re happy doing your own thing but you just don’t seem to be getting much traction, this is a great option to revive your existing work.

health check $350+GST

The process

  1. A detailed briefing form to gather all the juicy details
  2. Assessment of your digital world gets carried out. Analysis will include:
    • Review and suggested improvements of your current channels
    • Industry best practice tips and strategies
    • Content ideas
    • Take home templates
  3. We catch up to discuss findings and recommendations
  4. It’s all yours, baby!


Social Media strategy

A social media strategy will help you get back on top of your social marketing. It takes the guesswork out and provides a map of exactly where you’re going and how you’re going to get there. Having a clear direction will enable you to streamline your social media efforts, saving time, energy and frustration.

Execute the strategy yourself or give it to a team member, safe in the knowledge that you have clear parameters to keep your purpose, message and voice consistent.

strategy packages starting from $2400+GST

The process

  1. We meet (with coffee) and discuss your requirements
  2. We complete an audit of your current digital presence
  3. We workshop to uncover the specifics
  4. Strategy document is drafted
  5. Strategy is presented to stakeholders
  6. Any necessary tweaks get rolled out
  7. Strategy is yours and ready to fly


Social Media management

Free up your time to focus on your core business while your online community thrives. Be confident that well-articulated, on-brand messages championing your cause and adding value to your audience are being lovingly crafted and executed while you work on developing your business.

Content is the single most important element of social media success. It’s what keeps your audience hooked and gets them spreading your message. Meaningful content will educate, inspire and delight your audience while championing your message and supporting your business goals.

management packages starting from $450/week

Example package

2 x social media accounts

  1. Weekly calendar
  2. Content curation, creation and scheduling
  3. Monitoring & response
  4. Monthly reporting
  5. Growing your audience through:
    • Paid campaigns
    • Competitions
    • Influencer outreach


something else

Don’t know where to start or have another type of project you need help with? I’ve been around the block with most types of digital marketing. If it’s beyond my expertise, I have a network of industry professionals that I can either manage for you or put you in direct contact with.

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