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One of the things I love about travelling is the space it gives me to read. I could read for hours and hours. In normal life though, there never seems to be a right time to sit down and be engrossed for so long – too many people to see, drinks to have, gigs to go to, body parts to exercise, meals to cook. The first book I have devoured while we’ve been gone is Chapter One, by Daniel Flynn of Thankyou.

Game changer

I’m not going to go into too much detail about the contents because you should just READ IT! But what I will say about it is that it is extremely inspirational and covers such themes as thinking differently, persevering and changing the game. All of which I am all about. Thankyou is a social enterprise making headlines in the FMCG industry for several off the wall social media marketing campaigns and a really worthy cause. They sell a variety of products (soon to expand!) including bottled water, body care items and healthy foods. All of the profits fund projects in developing countries including safe water access, sanitation and food assistance.

Profit for purpose ftw

More and more I think the profit-for-purpose model is the way of the future. Why should businesses only serve the interest of financial stakeholders? Don’t we all have a part to play in making things better? The government is slow-moving and things need fixing quickly. I really believe that we (the people), are the answer. More of this!

Get involved

Supporting Thankyou is as easy as looking for their products in your local store (Australia, and soon also New Zealand), and buying them. Each product has a unique code that you can enter into the Thankyou website to track your impact. Show your support by joining them on social media and sharing the message, or get in touch to become a Thankyou ambassador. Chapter One is also available for purchase on a pay as you feel basis, with proceeds helping to fund the next phase of Thankyou.


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