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who is vega?

In the beginning…

When I was at University studying graphic design, I realised that design is simply a way of communicating ideas to a mass audience. I believed that we could use it as a force for good instead of a sales tactic. I wanted to start a revolution. I was going to change the world.

But the revolution was going to have to wait because… life. Several years of experience working in advertising and branding agencies later, I decided to go out on my own. Agency world had taught me some key lessons in strategy and tactics, but it had me dreaming of clients that were more aligned with my values and work which was serving a more meaningful purpose.

“Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.”

Rob Siltanen, for Apple

But why?

I’m here to help purposeful brands and organisations share educational and meaningful messages with as many people as possible. To create communities of engaged people who share a mission and know what actionable steps they can each take to achieve it.

Working for a more conscious, kind and thriving world.



Helping people driven by purpose, that get a fizz out of contributing to a better tomorrow for everyone


Championing the planet because there is only one, it’s pretty badass and we need to take care of it. Now.


The great stuff starts when the conversation flows and the ideas are a sum of our parts


Life is funny and bright and loud and should be celebrated every day. Don’t be anyone but yourself

The numbers

I work with you to define a social media strategy that will support business goals, grow your following and spread your message through meaningful content. I can also manage your social accounts for you, to let you get back to what you do best – working on your core business.

With a background in project management, digital strategy and WordPress development, I can also help you manage most of your marketing-related tasks. If there’s something you need that I am not able to help with, I have a solid network of industry professionals that are itching to collaborate.

  • Social media strategy – 99.5%
  • Social media management – 98%
  • Content creation – 99%
  • Graphic design – 96%
  • Web design & development – 94%

High fives


Ongoing Projects

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